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What Card to Choose for Online Payments in USA

More and more people in the US are apt to make purchases in online stores or pay for services in the Internet. In fact, according to BI Intelligence agency, back in 2016 Americans spent about $385 billion while paying online, and by 2020 this figure will reach $632 billion.

The majority of American online shops accepts only cards issued by a US bank. To be precise, the billing address (the address you specify when opening a bank account) of the credit card holder must be US. However, this applies not only to purchases in online shops, but for any kind of service. On the other hand, American card will be accepted when paying in European online stores. So this is the additional benefit feature of the US banking card product.

What is more important while looking for the best option for making payments in the Internet? First of all this is a simply ideal Mobile Banking. It should be:

  • convenient;
  • 24/7 available;
  • secure;

Another important thing is an Internet-based limit. What is this an and how to change it? For security, an Internet-limit is set on all cards. For online payments it’s crucial since there are a lot of hackers looking for your money! Namely it is the amount that can not be spent more than it is specified for a day, week or a calendar month (this  limit is valid only for transactions on the Internet). On the first day of each periods, the limit will be updated, and the specified amount will be available again for payment. You can set or change it at any time in mobile banking. And last but not the least, it goes without saying that a bank issuer should be a very reliable financial institution.

So based on this criteria, the best card for online transactions is American Express Platinum Card. The major benefits of such cards are:

  • 24/7 American Express customer support service.
  • Protection of payments on the Internet with 3D Secure technology.
  • The chip in the card for a higher degree of protection.
  • Free “Internet Bank” and “Mobile Bank” for paying bills for telephone, utilities, and many other services without commission.
  • Setting Internet-limit by a client on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

To pay online by this Platinum plastic is as easy as pie. The whole procedure is supervised by the bank’s security service, so many steps need additional confirmation, and then clicking “Proceed to pay” option. Transaction acknowledgment screen will show you a status of your payment and almost simultaneously you will get a notification on your mobile or messenger.

In case you receive a strange SMS or a message about online payment you haven’t made, don’t hesitate to contact American Express support line ASAP.