Secured Credit Cards

Primor® Secured Visa Card Major Benefits

This plastic has a very appealing design with an eagle as hinting on financial strength and financial soundness. Golden status is always a sign of high level while Visa international payment system speaks for itself. All this three components together provide you with an additional financial confidence in using such type of a credit card with deposit.

The Primor® Secured Visa Gold Card was established to give clients with modest/limited credit history an opportunity to improve their score level while they are shopping. Its main features coincide with that of a any prepaid credit card.  However, the card balance is paid up front. The plastic reports go to three credit bureaus. No wonder it will help a client build credit reputation quickly with, of course, very responsible usage.

What is a credit limit for this plastic? It varies from $200 to as much as $5,000 in accordance with the amount of a client’s savings deposit. The major perk of this secured card is the incredibly low interest rate. Try to find something similar in the category of such banking plastic product and you will fail, because an ongoing interest rate makes up a very beautiful figure of 9.99%.

The Primor® Secured Visa Gold Card envisages a small number of  fees. And because it belongs to a Visa brand, it is welcomed all over the world on the general terms available for Visa  payment system.

Core benefits for cardholders of Primor® Secured Visa Gold:

  • The card is offered through Green Dot Bank (out of New Jersey).
  • You may fill in online application by clicking the “Apply now” button  at the bank website.
  • Application for the Primor® Secured is hassle-free.
  • Zero annual fee.
  • Enjoy a number of options for building a positive credit record, provided in case of highly responsible card use.
  • Get an initial credit line of $200 under the terms of mandatory security deposit either $49, $99, or $200. A precise amount is identified in accordance with your client’s profile and creditworthiness.
  • Get a quite higher credit line if you had made through the first five monthly payments on time successfully. In this case, not a single additional deposit is needed.
  • Enjoy convenient supervision of your account due to 24/7 online banking via phone or  mobile app.
  • Use you plastic at huge number of locations worldwide where Visa is accepted.

And the final question is: what personal data and documents should a client provide for getting this card? To a client’s advantage, you need to render the simplest package of papers and basic personal data:

  • Name, residential status, residential address supported by ID and official records.
  • Social security number.
  • Date of birth.
  • E-mail address, phone number, account in social media (optional).

So, if you need to fix or build a proper credit history, Primor® Secured Visa Gold Card will be the best choice for you.