Secured Credit Cards

Best credit cards by American Express

American Express is one the most reputable credit cards on the US market. This financial institution is a pioneer in the banking sector in the US. It developed many innovative financial products. The clients trust American Express and the company does its best to meet their expectations.

Today American Express offers one of the most advantageous credit plastics. The company offers not only attractive annual fees but many additional bonuses. On top, it is quite easy to qualify for the majority of American Express plastics.

What you should take into account when choosing credit card

When the client looks for credit plastics he has to pay attention to:

  • How easy is qualify to get a loan;
  • What is the annual interest rate;
  • How much of annual fee the bank charges;
  • What additional bonuses the card offers.

Every person needs to consider these criteria. That ensures the loan will be truly beneficial.

Top credit cards by American Express

American Express understands in order to attract the client it has to offer the most beneficial credit card offers. Here are the best credit cards from this company:

  1. Blue Cash Everyday. This plastic offers very attractive annual percentage rate. APR is basically the cost of the borrowing money. American Expresses offers 0% APR for the first 15 months, but only on purchases and financial transfers. An attractive thing is that there is zero annual cost the bank charges. On top, the cardholder will get extra bonuses. Blue Cash Everyday offers cashback. That means when the client buys a product or a service he gets a certain percentage back on his plastic. With Blue Cash Everyday you will get 3 % back from the purchases in the supermarkets and 2 % back at gas stations.
  2. Amex EveryDay is another type of an advantageous plastic. There is no annual fee and the first 15 months there is not interest charged. An additional advantage of this card is its bonuses. The client can get up to 10 000 membership rewards points. He can use this rewards to get discount on purchases. Regular APR for Amex EveryDay is between 14.24% and 25.24% depending on how big the credit line is.
  3. Gold Delta SkyMiles is exclusive plastic. Though it has an annual fee of 95 dollars, it gives a client an opportunity to cumulate the airmiles. The client can get 30 000 miles after spending 1 000 dollars. This credit card is just ideal for people who travel a lot. For them, it will be truly beneficial.

Credit plastics by American Express are truly advantageous. Check the company’s offers regularly. You will surely find more novelties.