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Secured Credit Cards

Secured Credit Card by Bank of America

Secured credit cards are quite unique products on the financial market. They were developed to teach people to use the credits in the right way. They are still one of the most innovative financial products on the market.

Bank of America is one of the oldest banks in the US. It was one of those that introduced the secured plastics on the American market. BankAmericard Secured credit card is one of its most classic products, and it allows you to use affiliate program check this Leadsgate review. read more

Secured Credit Cards

Primor® Secured Visa Card Major Benefits

This plastic has a very appealing design with an eagle as hinting on financial strength and financial soundness. Golden status is always a sign of high level while Visa international payment system speaks for itself. All this three components together provide you with an additional financial confidence in using such type of a credit card with deposit.

The Primor® Secured Visa Gold Card was established to give clients with modest/limited credit history an opportunity to improve their score level while they are shopping. Its main features coincide with that of a any prepaid credit card.  However, the card balance is paid up front. The plastic reports go to three credit bureaus. No wonder it will help a client build credit reputation quickly with, of course, very responsible usage. read more