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TOP 5 Best World Banks

The world’s largest banks are no doubt located in China. This is not surprising, given that the Chinese economy continues to grow at a rate about three times the growth rate of the world’s largest economy in the US. However, France doesn’t lag behind being a strong leader among Europe-based banking institutions.  The winners of our Top 5 were chosen on the basis of their assets, indicators for the last year, as well as a number of other parameters, including reputation and quality of management.

  1. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China. This bank is the largest in the world. The value of its assets is $ 3.62 trillion. Also, the bank is the fourth in the world in terms of revenue – $134.8 billion.

At present, ICBC is a clearing bank for settlements in Chinese Yuan in 7 countries: Singapore, Luxembourg, Qatar, Canada, Thailand, Argentina and Russia. ICBC became the first commercial bank in the world to conduct continuous settlements and operations in Chinese currency 24 hours a day, and its services for providing global payments reached a new level. read more

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What Card to Choose for Online Payments in USA

More and more people in the US are apt to make purchases in online stores or pay for services in the Internet. In fact, according to BI Intelligence agency, back in 2016 Americans spent about $385 billion while paying online, and by 2020 this figure will reach $632 billion.

The majority of American online shops accepts only cards issued by a US bank. To be precise, the billing address (the address you specify when opening a bank account) of the credit card holder must be US. However, this applies not only to purchases in online shops, but for any kind of service. On the other hand, American card will be accepted when paying in European online stores. So this is the additional benefit feature of the US banking card product. read more